Obama: I believe Donald J. Trump will not be president

Obama: I believe Donald J. Trump will not be president


ooPresident Obama is still doubting the staying power of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, and is hitting his reality show credentials as a reason Americans shouldn’t take him seriously.

“I continue to believe Mr. Trump will not be president,” Obama said Tuesday. “And the reason is because I have a lot of faith in the American people.”

Obama told reporters he believed Americans still see the presidency as “a serious job.”

“It’s not hosting a talk show, or a reality show. It’s not promotion, it’s not marketing,” Obama said. “It’s hard and a lot of people count on us getting it right.”

Speaking to reporters in a press conference in Rancho Mirage, Calif., Obama did not, however, answer whether he believed Trump had the capability of securing the GOP nomination.

He also hit the rest of the GOP field, saying “foreign observers are troubled” by the rhetoric in the GOP primary, including doubting of climate change and proposals to ban Muslims from entering the U.S.


  1. FINAL THOUGHTS: Obama: “I believe Donald J. Trump will not be President…because I have faith in the American people.”. He must have had his teleprompters turned-off, because the American People MAObama professes so much “FAITH IN”, have very little faith in him! In fact, polls show that the American People have less FAITH in MAObama, than perhaps any other President in the history of the United States (who DID, or DIDN’T, spent over 7 years in Office). If MAObama has so much FAITH in “We The People”, why did he admit lying about ObamaCare, to wit: “keep your doctor if you like her or him; keep your insurance company if you like it; and, the average American family will save $2,500 dollars per year.” After MAObama sought the advice from his architect of MAObamaCare, Jonathan Gruber, Gruber advised Obama to “lie” to the American People, because “they were so stupid they’d never remember”. MAObama, with all his FAITH in US, did just that: lied; later, in an “apology”, he claimed, “I had to LIE if I wanted to be reelected (in 2012)”. MAObama’s praying Hillbillary wins, lest there is no longer anything to keep her from “spilling her guts”, so to speak, to save herself, about the true, covert, motivation, for all of MAObama’s anti-American People policies and actions, not least of which included repeatedly attacking the 2nd Amendment; clearly NOT to save lives, BUT to get the means of defense, against HIS ROGUE REGIME, out of the hands of the AMERICAN PEOPLE, in whom he claims he has so much “FAITH”!!! DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH! Want to earn some FAITH from the AMERICAN PEOPLE before your term ends, appoint a replacement for Justice Scalia (God rest his soul), of whom Justice Scalia, himself, would approve!