President Obama Signs Executive Order Banning The Sale Of Assault Weapons

President Obama Signs Executive Order Banning The Sale Of Assault Weapons

Obama signs Executive Order that bans assault weapons and creates a 30 day waiting period on firearms.
President Obama signing Executive Order 17103 which bans the sale of assault weapons and places a mandatory 30 day waiting period on all firearm sales. (AP Photo/ Dennis System)
  • President Obama promises large scale Homeland Security raids if gun violence does not subside
  • Executive Order includes mandatory 30 day waiting period on all new firearm sales
  • Felony prison time for those who do not comply with the new law

WASHINGTON D.C. (AP) — After last Sunday’s mass shooting in Orlando, which left 50 Americans dead and 53 wounded, President Obama decided to take unilateral action on gun control by signing Executive Order 17103. The new law bans all sales of assault weapons and places a mandatory 30 day waiting period on all firearm sales, regardless of whether the transaction takes place at a gun dealership or gun show. The requirement also extends to private sales and requires all private firearm sellers to broker the sale through a federally licensed gun dealer. The order requires prospective gun buyers to undergo a psychological evaluation. Individuals who have been committed involuntarily to a mental health institution at any time; those who have been voluntarily committed with the past 5 years; anyone with a domestic violence restraining order, regardless of criminal history; and anyone who has been placed on the no-fly list or terrorist watch list at any time within the past 10 years will not be allowed to purchase or possess firearms.

President Obama was unapologetic in his speech regarding the Executive Order.

“If we are to truly change things for the better, we must come to grips with the ugly truth that our culture is obsessed with violence in all forms. We must work to quell the rising tide of anti-intellectualism and recommit to educating people of all ages so that they are capable of expressing their thoughts and feelings like civilized adults and not like hapless barbarians. Reforming our gun laws is not a magic bullet, and yes, people will find other ways to kill each other, but by making these killing machines harder to get we can hopefully, at the very least, make it so that not as many people fall victim to these random, senseless acts of deplorable violence. I don’t want to take your guns away. I just want to make it harder for the Omar Mateens of the world to kill innocent people. I think we can all agree that if you’re deemed too much of a national security threat to fly on an airplane, you shouldn’t be able to buy an AR-15. Unfortunately, the Republicans didn’t feel this way, and they’ve left me with no other choice. If things don’t change, and people keep dying as a result of senseless acts of gun violence,  I’ll have no choice but to order Homeland Security to hunt down every last assault rifle in this country.”

Sarah Bradley, a spokeswoman for Sock It Forward, a group that provides the homeless and those less fortunate with brand new socks, told ABC News that she agrees with the new gun law.

“These are common sense gun laws and Republicans are using the Second Amendment as a shield that continues to let innocent people die,” Bradley said. “Obama is not tryin’ to take errr guns, he’s doing something that should’ve been done a long time ago. If this law would have been in place before, this Orlando shooting would have never happened. This horrible tragedy was about lack of gun control and had nothing to do with terrorism. Omar Mateen had no communication with ISIS and knew very little about them. As more news comes out about the shooter, we are learning he was a closeted homosexual, and because of his religion, he knew this was not allowed. He hated the fact that he was gay and instead of dealing with it like a man, by getting counseling or leaving Islam, he took his problems out violently on others.” Bradley continued, “I also just want to quickly say ‘thank you’ to everyone that has donated to our cause! The smiles you are putting on homeless peoples’ faces is indescribably. A lot of people don’t know this fact, but socks are the least donated item at shelters but most desired. Please keep the donations coming regardless if it is $5 or $500, every bit helps so much!”

A group of Donald Trump supporters, known as Bullets First, is planning to protest the signing of the Executive Order by marching on Capitol Hill, and in front of the White House, armed with the controversial AR-15, as well as other military style weapons. The group says that it is prepared to “defend the constitution at all costs.” The group is calling for Obama to resign and allow the organization to place him under citizen’s arrest for treason. The group’s leader, 52-year-old Tom Downey, who has two children and another on the way, quit his job as an overnight cashier at the TA truck stop in Sayre, Oklahoma to organize the rally. Downey claims that he has over 100,000 Trump supporters from all over America ready to head to D.C. and “take back the country.” His common law wife, 23-year-old Tami Hobart, supports his decision wholeheartedly, and while she worries about him getting killed, says that at least she can tell her children that he died standing up for their right to stockpile military grade weapons without “getting hassled by an out of control Islamo-communist fascist dictatorship.”

The group has the backing of right wing shock jock Alex Jones who called on his listeners to “bring about the final solution to the Obama question” on his radio show this morning and pledged financial and logistical support to the Bullets First protestors. Given this development, it is very likely that the group will not be able to be contained by the Washington D.C. police department alone. ABC News says the Pentagon has confirmed that the government is preparing for a “possible military confrontation”, though they stressed that this was a “worst case scenario”.

Despite the heated emotions over this Executive Order, it is not likely to impact the lives of current gun owners in any meaningful way. Elroy Stevens, an avid deer hunter who spends his weekends out in the woods hunting with friends or shooting clay pigeons at his Father-in-law’s ranch in West Texas told ABC News he is not worried about the new gun law.

“It won’t stop someone from being able to buy a handgun for self-defense,” Stevens said. “It does nothing to address individual states’ concealed and open carry laws, nor does it limit the number of firearms an individual may own. It does not require the surrender of existing assault weapons, though it does ban all future transfers. This new law makes a minimal effort to keep guns out of the wrong hands.”

As Obama addressed the crowd, the President told reporters that the country needs more than just common sense gun laws.

“These new gun laws alone will not fix this problem. There are already numerous guns in circulation, and, moreover, the real issue isn’t a gun issue; it is a culture issue. Americans crave television programs that romanticize and fetishize violence. Ignorance is celebrated, while intellectualism is mocked relentlessly. For many gun owners, guns are a tool that must respected and handled with care; for many others, guns are nothing more than an expensive toy. Folks, when this utter disregard for the destructive power of guns is mixed with easy access and a culture that devalues human life, it is a recipe not only for disaster, but for absolute ruin.”

David Mikkelson, founder of, a website known for its biased opinions and inaccurate information they write about stories on the internet in order to generate advertising revenue, told ABC News that he approves of what a story like this is accomplishing.

“You have to understand that when a story like this goes viral, and we spend a minute or two debunking it, we make lots of money. Stories like this have helped put my children through college, buy a new car, a home and even get the gender reassignment surgery my wife Barbara has always wanted since she was a little boy,” Mikkleson said. “We claim ‘to provide evidence for such debunkings and confirmation as well‘, but that’s just ridiculous. Do you know how much time that would take? Instead, we just copy and paste parts of the original article into ours, write a couple sentences, and that’s it. I just want to be clear, our website does zero journalism or anything creative, and I’m only telling you this for legal reasons. For example, do you remember that recent article we wrote debunking a story which claimed Scientology lost its tax-exempt status? Did you actually read our story? Who is the name of the person responsible for the hoax? What is the actual website URL? We claim to know it, but no real information is posted by us.” Mikkelson continues, “It is common for us to rewrite a story we’re debunking if we don’t like it. In one recent story of ours, we actually removed a person’s name from the original article and then called him a liar, oh the hypocrisy, but it is so funny at the same time! We also like to post fake, un-funny, juvenile disclaimers supposedly from the site in question and it is our authors, such as Jeff Zarronandia who are responsible for those gems. We tell our readers that the disclaimer is from the story we are debunking, but a simple google search that locates the actual article will show that our disclaimer is 100% fabricated. Sometimes I think that someone should start a company that debunks our debunkings, they could probably make a lot of money,” Mikkelson laughs. “And lots of people complain about our authors attacking websites and their owners for reasons that are 100% proven false, but since we block it just becomes their word versus ours. Plus, I know for our writers like Kim LaCapria, it is way more fun for them to cause controversy than report the facts; it results in more visitors. Kim LaCapria and Jeff Zarronandia go as far as accusing the site that the story originated from as ‘a clickbait fake news site that infringes the trademark-protected visual elements and domain names of legitimate news outlets in order to generate traffic and drive advertising revenues by creating and spreading entirely false “news” stories‘. The thing that is troubling about these claims and what Snopes and our authors are known for. We don’t list ONE factual piece of evidence to back up any of our claims; It’s just more of our hack, unethical journalism, and I only tell you this for legal reasons. I think it is business as usual for us to accuse the story we are debunking of spreading malware and viruses, but we never say what website it actually is. I think warning people about a site that could potentially destroy their computer is probably a good idea, and I hope one day to do that kind of ethical journalism, but people will click our ads regardless, bottom line; so why do the extra work? To be honest, I’d say in a given week I probably only do about fifteen minutes of real, actual, work.”

Washington political analyst, 37-year-old Paul Horner, who has been in the hospital since early last month after getting into an accident while in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, told ABC News what led up to this assault gun ban on both sides of the party.

“Republicans are saying the Orlando shooting is about terrorism because the shooter said he did it for ISIS, even though ISIS did not instruct him to do it and never once had any communication with him. Democrats believe that if we had common sense gun laws in place this tragedy would never occurred. They believe that people like Omar Mateen, who was on a terror watch list and had been interviewed by the FBI three times, should not be allowed to buy assault weapons. And with all of this going on, I’m just laid up in a hospital bed not able to masturbate.”

Fappy The Anti-Masturbation Dolphin, a mascot for a Christian organization that travels around the country educating children about the dangers and consequences of masturbation, told reporters he does not agree with Mr. Horner’s comments about touching himself in a hospital bed.

“I think it is great that Paul Horner is not able to pleasure himself right now. He should be focusing on healing and not playing with his sin stick. I have activated my prayer app and I encourage everyone to prayer for Mr. Horner during these difficult times; Not a full-prayer though, just a half prayer.”

Executive Order 17103 goes into effect July 1st, 2016. The Obama Administration has setup a hotline for individuals to report those who are not abiding by the new law. To encourage the public’s help in cracking down on those who are not following the law, a $500 reward is being offered. The administration urges you to call (785) 273-0325 with any information that you may have, and as always, you can remain anonymous.


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          • ” Those “powers,” of course, included what are called “executive orders,” which are orders that come from the office of the president of the United States and have the force of law.”

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          • Sorry but his executive order is illegal and null and void. He is trying to turn us into a snitch society by providing a ph# to tell on people. What utter nonsense. I will be calling to tell them that Eric holder and Obama are running guns all over the middle east and Mexico. Arrest that asshole who could be called a traitor but he’s not a citizen. He’s not a president he’s acting like a dictator using the Orlando incident which he organized to take our guns. By the way Democrapers are just as much to blame as the Orlando shooters because they instituted gun free killing zones, The are communist and they did start the KKK with the FBI. Read history!!!!

      • I am absolutely amazed at what our weak President has created in our country…..You all should step back and listen to yourselves and what’s coming out of your mouths…..On BOTH sides…..
        Are you not aware of the fact that when we have weak leadership, and we are being led down a path to a 3rd world country, it’s “divide” and “chaos” that make mega-powers and mega-money tick….. … I’d like you to take a deep breath, and watch this short video….
        THIS is our problem…..It’s not guns, not Trump, and not where you come from in the U.S……

        We need to understand where we are being taken, and if we don’t, we are definitely doomed…..
        There has been ample amounts of information circulated everywhere from the people who actually care about writing or doing a video about the “truth”, and what’s “really” happening……If everyone here understood, nobody would be at someone else’s throat…….Please wake up!

        • After to listening to her ‘opinion’ and reading the responses to her message it is clear that she is playing the ‘fear card’. Don’t know where she got her info so I can’t take her seriously.

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            If you need an assault rifle, you need mental help.

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    • Well if you would read what OUR president had to say about this, that is IF you are literate, you’d know that unless you have assault weapons you have nothing to fear. Ignorance is bliss, especially when it’s born of propaganda put out by people who only want to use the people who believe their propaganda.

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  1. About time some common sense gun laws were put in place! This will save lives and keep guns nuts from freaking out. Bravo Mr. President!

    • California laws are much tougher than this but didn’t save anyone in San Bernardino. Or in all the criminal shootings who used illegal guns.

        • No Ms. Berg it is not a start. You are Lumping Legal Gun Owners with the Criminals. These Mass Killings were done by Terrorists or the Mentally Ill. Mateen was interviewed 3 times by the FBI. Clinton is the one ordering his release.

          Murders today are being Committed by Criminal Thugs from the inner cities, Chicago, Okland, New Orleans, Memphis, and other States. If “Black Lives Matter” they should be in the communities helping bring these Murders under control. Talking to these young people about life.

          It is not the Gun that Killed these people, it is the person behind the Gun who pulled the Trigger. So you want the AR-15 “Non Assault Rifles” Banned. They are not “Assault Rifles”, this is how Ignorant The Obama Administration is. We now are Banning Assualt Rifles with an Executive Order.

          Obama needs to an Executive Order to ban all “Vehicle Sales” because Vehiches cause Deaths in DUI’s. Now Ms. Berg you are saying the Vehicle did not Kill those People, the “Drunk Driver” did. “You see the Vehicle and Gun are the Same”. “It is the Individual who pulls the Trigger, or Gets behind the Wheel Drunk and Drives”.


        • Since 1950 all mass shootings in public have happened in gun free zones. How about for a start we get rid of those? How about for a start we ban all Muslims from buying guns and see how Obama likes that idea? How about for a start we check fbi gun statistics and see gun violence is declining not rising except in gun free zones…..

      • California is not an island. It has roads leading to and going out of it. Your argument operates like California is in a vacuum or bubble. Same with your often cited Chicago. If other states are lax with their gun laws, there is nothing preventing criminals from buying guns there and bringing it into California or Chicago.

        Enough with the intellectually dishonest arguments.

    • Is funny how people always use the term Common Sense. Unannounced raids on people houses is common sense? California has some of the strictest laws in the country, including waiting periods, and we have has several shootings. Hows that common sense working out?

    • Shut your festering piehole. Gun regulation will NEVER stop Islamofascists from getting guns. When are they going to start raiding inner-city Chicago? WHEN will THAT happen? Never. Because that’s where your idiot Kenyan president learned Communism 101.

    • You know you are kidding yourself by thinking that any prohibition of anything works. We have been fighting this war for decades and its worse now than ever. Guns are simply machines, not unlike the millions of others. These laws only hurt the lawful and make the unlawful laugh. When will you ever learn that you cannot make laws to make people good. What you can do is put God back into schools, government, hold parents accountable (both if you can find them), take entitlement out of the picture so people understand the value of a dollar. That is where you can help folks……not these stupid laws.

  2. He doesn’t even know what an assault rifle is. Or if he does, he is counting on the ignorance of a majority. His only agenda is taking away all guns eventually, not worrying about who gets shot, as long as it isn’t one of his Muslim buddies

    • In 7and a half years he hasn’t taken your f@%&in’ guns yet. Oh, all you clowns think he’s gonna declare Martial Law and throw out the elections. Watching too many old X-Files, girl !

    • Military grade weapons. Weapons intended to do nothing but kill people quickly and accurately in acts of war. Weapons that most mass murders prefer to have.

      Civilians shouldn’t have them. So many veterans, military officials, and even the creator the of AR-15 has said so.

      I hate this argument because it’s just another pitiful excuse to try and allow mass murders to have any weapon they choose.

      Stop being selfish and think of the millions of lives that are lost on a daily basis due to mass shootings.

      For every good guy with a gun that stops a bad guy with a gun there are 35 murders with a gun and 75 suicides with a gun.

      It may not stop all of the shootings and deaths, but it can stop a lot of them.

      Plus it’s hell of a lot better than sitting back and doing nothing but watching people die, like you think we should do. To do nothing is to side with terrorists and murderers and I cannot in full conscious do that.

      • His Armalite Rifle 15 will be illegal? I could have sworn the title of this article was “Obama Signs Executive Order Banning Sale of ASSAULT Weapons.”

        You do realize that the AR-15 is not an Assault Rifle, yes? Do you know what it is that defines a weapon as an assault weapon? Select fire. Do you know what rifle is not capable of select fire? An AR-15.

        I’ve always wanted to get to use this line unironically, so here goes: Educate yourself!

      • It won’t be illegal Jake. At least not yet. For now his executive order bans the sale of, not the possession. Of course he can always change his mind and dictate some new order banning what ever he deems will progress his political advantage.
        First they came for the socialists, but I said nothing because I wasn’t a socialist…..

      • Actually according to the text of the article as describing the executive order – building you gun from parts is not making a sale of one so it is not illegal – try paying attention to what is written.

  3. Even stricter laws than this already exist in California. It didn’t stop the San Bernardino terrorists one bit.
    Since Obama is not going after Jihadists, all he is doing is disarming Americans to make it easier for Jihadists to kill us.

    • Is that why he has sent as many troops as he’s allowed without an authorization from Congress. Unlike the GOP in Congress, he’s at least done something to stop ISIS. Congress has constantly refused to vote for authorization to put boots on the ground. They don’t want to risk losing votes. So really it’s the Republicans who cry constantly hypocritical tears over terrorism that refuses to do anything. Without a law in place refusing the sales of assault weapons to people on the terror list there was nothing that could have stopped Orlando. All the pretty speeches the GOP wants to make doesn’t change that fact. They’re not serious about the war on terror and they haven’t been in a long time.

  4. It is an assault weapon no matter what your silly technical definition is. It is a weapon meant to kill large numbers of people quickly …… as in an assault.

    • Yep and if any of Obama’s buddies try coming onto my property or hurt someone I love, that is exactly what will happen.

    • Don’t be stupid. A revolver with 10 rounds is considered an assault weapon. It has nothing to do with being able to kill large numbers of people quickly. Educate yourself dumbass. Did you get that? Revolvers are assault weapons. So far down the scale it’s bundled with a derringer when getting your concealed carry license and blocks you from conceal carrying a semi automatic such as a Glock 9mm pistol like police officers use.

      Idiots! Idiots everywhere! You’re not allowed to have an opinion unless you’re willing to educate yourself in that tooic. Otherwise your opinion is shit and worthless.

      • You idiots oughta be focusing less on automatic weapons, and more on the message of Fappy, the anti-masturbation dolphin. All y’all mofos got hairy palms…

    • It’s not an assault rifle. An AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle. The M-16 and succeeding generations have a selector switch that can manually switched between “safe”, “semi-auto” and, “auto burst”. The AR-15 selector switch just goes to “safe” and “fire”. Therefore it is not an “assault” rifle.

  5. Since Obama is not going after Jihadists, all he is doing is disarming Americans to make it easier for Jihadists to kill us.

    • Amen to that. Evolution will weed them out. They have no idea how embarrassed civilized people are of them. They make this country a joke around the world. These idiots want assault rifles to protect themselves from International terrorists, show me an example of when that’s happened ever.. unless they are Native American 100% they come from immigrants as well. So much blind hate. So many people calling our president Muslim when he isn’t LOL. It’s so sad when you have to lie and fabricate things just to find reasons to be angry with someone that has been so successful.

      • You’re kidding, right? “Native” American, whom I have a great love for, also immigrated to this land. Granted it was long before Europeans and others, but they too, are descended from immigrants. And yes, “Ask Me”, Obama IS a Muslim. It’s people like him and you, his faithful disciples, that have made this country a joke. It’s so sad, when people like you, have to lie and fabricate things in order to justify your liberal beliefs because you believe only YOU are right.

      • Maybe we can get all those who are hard left and right to duke it out and leave the rest of us to figure it out! This President has had his hands tied behind his back since the day he took office. Regardless, I think he will go down in history as one of our most effective Presidents. Do any of you remember what state our country was in when he took office after the GWBush Presidency? Give me a break!

    • These are of course the same people who don’t trust those “liberal colleges”, so they have no education beyond a GED. They eat and drink like shit, so they’re fat, they have high blood pressure and cholesterol, and diabetes. So they will end up too stupid to qualify for smart jobs in the new American economy (as manufacturing jobs continue to go to where labor is cheap). And they’ll go on disability after their second heart attack, or after diabetes takes their kidneys. And then they’ll be on OUR tax dole. But hey, they’ll have their guns! But no insight. So the irony of the outcome will be lost on them.

      • I’m a liberal, I’m fat, I’m on disability. But then, the being fat came after becoming disabled and living in blinding pain 20 hours day. And if you think there aren’t dumb fucking liberals, then you haven’t been paying attention to the idiot anti vaccers and morons who are saying how great homeopathic “medicine” is. As well as the liberals who think Muslims are a race and Islamophobia is when someone criticize a religion, when the religion is Islam, as the same people calling others Islamophobes write article after article criticizing Christianity.

        I hate to point it out to you, but there are just as many left leaning idiots as there are right. The only difference right now is the Democratic party doesn’t elect the true lunatics, but that is changing. As the left becomes ever more enamored with it’s own bullshit they are becoming as crazy as the right, and you are a good example of that, piling up bullshit after bullshit statement and thinking it’s fact when it’s just your opinion.

        The plural of anecdote is not evidence.

  6. Thank you, President Obama for this brave action. This will go down as your most important and memorable achievement. I love you for this.

    • How not about terrorism..the scuzlim and his scuzlim bitch were casing downtown Disney to attack.”that is proof is was terrorism. How would this law in place have changed anything…the scuzlim was not on the watch list…the problem is why was his Taliban sperm donor allowed here to release his spawn.

    • Donald Trump is the most racist man ever. Obama however is hell bent on taking the 2nd Amendment off the Bill of Rights permanently.

  7. For all you morons screaming my guns, my guns, read the article, it’s just about assault weapons and adding common sense gun control laws. Chill out weirdos

  8. Coming from San Francisco and NYC, I can see how you hick-townie, cousin-fucking, snaggle tooth redneck racist low-life scum of the Earth would have a problem with a president that has done more for this country than any president since JFK and FDR. Of course you wouldn’t know American history because you’re too busy milking unemployment benefits to pay for your pathetic bake sales at every hate mongering congregation that you call church. It’s 2016, the bible doesn’t lay the law here. The Constitution does. Can’t wait for this generation of disgusting assholes to pass away, America has always been great. It would be even greater if we didn’t have such a close-minded and uneducated population. Bye haters! Hope you rot in hell.

    • We’ll let me start off bye saying,
      To all of the dip shits yelling nigger and Jew , pull your heads out of your asses.
      To those who think that this executive order would do anything to keep( anyone )safer, the only people that would be safer are the government officials who are eventually seeking to impose marital law. Criminals by their very nature of their name do not abide by laws, laws are for those who obey them i.e. law abiding citizens.
      The (People) read that as all people, have a Right, not granted to them by a government, but an unalienable right that is( ours) to defend ourselves from all enemies both foreign and Domestic.
      For all the happy shinny people who don’t understand( the who) the domestic part of that is referring to, that’s our government.
      If you believe that corrupt government takeovers can’t happen in (our country), well your wrong. It happens slowly ,
      When people are uneducated about the rights that they have and why they have them, when the government teaches our children the history of our country and the world, when people are subdued into believing it’s ok to give up “some freedom for what is perceived as protection, and when the government controls the media.
      And that ladies , gentlemen is why we have a second amendment, that means exactly what it says no interpretation needed. Lawyers interpretations of our constitution have usually only served to strip the people of the rights granted to them by the constitution.
      George Washington didn’t defeat the British empire with his right to free speech, he shot them with guns. The second amendment defends the first amendment.
      Defend the 2nd

  9. Can you cousin-fucking hate monger a just die of obesity already. The rest of the modern American world is ashamed to be associated by you. Good day.

  10. I don’t know what’s worse. This unconstitutional executive order or how it has sparked hatred and pushed people to stoop so low. And before I get accused of being a liberal, for the record, I am a Constitutional Conservative that loves my rights as an American. The Second Amendment being one of my favorite.

    I read a lot of the comments, which are mostly directed at each other, and I realized this is how he wins. Pitting us against one another. I don’t know anybody in this list and surly don’t have the right to name call or bash, but that seems to be acceptable. I guess. I will say one thing. We will never get our country back and we will never make America great again if this is any indication of how united as a nation we are.

    So let the ugly comments fly. I’m sure I’ll get an earful of colorful statements and get called a bunch choice names. Only because I’m right and those that can’t handle the truth act immature and lash out…

    • You are right actually, about many things in your post. People are just nasty to each other. You have to admit though…the tone was set from the very first comment. It was really just gratuitously ugly and full of hate. More people than not took the bait….it would have been hard not to!
      But I do have a question for you, if you please. Actually I have several if you can suffer through them. We are likely at opposite ends of the political spectrum, so I’m curious. When I say to you that I believe that gun magazines should be limited to a reasonable number; a number that would limit damage if used in a crime. What is the objection to that? As a non-gun-owner I have no idea….are there many circumstances when that large magazine capacity would be critical? Truthfully, I don’t think I would really care about the gun itself, if bullet caliber and clip size was kept to a size and number reasonable to the weapons purpose.
      Closing loopholes wherever they may be, gun show or private sale….that allow guns to be sold without a background check and a transfer of ownership. And also requiring proof of competency with a gun on an ongoing basis, every few years or so?
      And finally, why the opposition to the “No fly, no buy” law; and also new legislation to notify the FBI if a person wants to purchase a gun and has been on the list in the last 10 years?
      What do people find so imposing about these proposals? I would think that the vast majority of the people on this forum who are bitching…would pass the background check, and would in no way in hell be on the terrorist watch list. So why the adamant pushback?

      • Let’s address the banning anyone on the terrorist watch list from purchasing a gun. Anyone they want to put on the list, the people do not know they are on it, may not have committed and anyone can be put on, there are no criteria in place to stop them and no transparency. You may be on the list because you happened to travel to certain countries, or because you are a liberal or a conservative or your name looks funny, or you watched a YouTube Video. This list is arbitrary and can and would be abused by the Government to punish those who oppose their views.

        Now as for the limiting caliber and magazine size, I agree with you that there may not be a need to have a 50 Caliber gun for hunting squirrels, however, the 2nd amendment was not put in place to protect hunting, it was put in place to our protection against the government (who has plenty of high powered, high capacity, guns) and enemies when the time comes. Once again it comes down to guns do not kill people, people kill people. We will never eliminate all deaths from guns or from fertilizer, or pick your “weapon”. The idea of blaming guns and using a horrible event to strip away our rights as US citizens is crazy. The unrealistic idea that banning assault rifles will stop lunatics from killing people is insane. France has much stricter gun laws and take a look at what happened there. Lunatics will find a way to get weapons to do the damage.

        It is sad, however, no number of laws or executive actions will stop these types of events. What needs to occur is less divisive politicians trying to create troubles to divide our country. We are all Americans and everyone deserves a voice, we all should be equal, not divided. The divide keeps getting worse as the politicians use groups and labels to keep us apart and distracting from the real issues.

        Why is the government involved in all of these issues that they have no business being in, marriage comes to mind, why should the government care who gets married. Why does the government control what our children learn? once again not their job. Why do they get to mandate us buying products like health insurance, and worse yet force the costs up at the same time? Why are we forced to provide bailouts and subsidies for corporations and individuals? The list could go on. Our politicians use the system to provide for their friends and punish their enemies, it is wrong. Donald and Hillary will continue to do more of the same, when will it end? After the rest of the world wakes up and finally realizes the US dollar is worthless and our country goes bankrupt?

  11. Y’all are more entertaining, except that your ignorance and willingness to jump on bandwagons without seeing where they’re headed is kinda scary.

  12. A sitting white president signs an execitive order and thats ok, a sitting black president signs an executive order and he must be arrested, treason, impeach, march on capital hill with AR15…? This is whats wrong with americans today: with second amendment rights comes great responsibilities. The founding fathers of the constitution didnt intend for americans to use assault weapons against themselves. Protection of property dont give anyone the right to take the lives or the rights of others. It is president Obama duty to protect the people of america and not just a section who has no respect for others. To all the racists read the whole story again. The Killer was mentally retarded and it could have been you or your family a victim of those mass killings. Stop the ignorance.

  13. Illegal actions by our president, there is zero authority for him to take such actions. To abuse the horror of the Orlando massacre to make us even less safe by making it less likely that a law abiding citizen will be able to protect themselves from criminals, or if they keep going the way they are protecting us against the out of control government, which clearly does not care about all US citizens, only illegals and their protected classes of people. The constitution is not written to protect any class, nor are the amendments like the 1st and 2nd put in place with qualifiers. It does not say the right to bear single shot bb guns, it says arms. Next is the first and freedom of the press, you will not be able to talk or publish anything they do not like. Obama should live what he preaches and include any arms that the government has, as this is one of the main reasons the amendment exists. So when Obama strips the “Assult weapons from all the secret service and police and military, then he may at least have an argument. There is no freedom in the US anymore, cannot wait until we become Cuba and are completely repressed by our government (Sarcasim for those who missed it).What is wrong with US citizens, have you completely lost your minds? Wake up now before it is too late and there are no freedoms left.

    • You mean like Trump revoking credentials of the Washington Post press reporters? Those freedoms? And what exact freedoms have you lost in the last 7 ½ years??

  14. As a veteran ,trained as a sniper during the Vietnam War, I can tell you that an assault rifle means nothing as a single bullet from a bolt action rifle can trump any assault rifle, with the elements of surprise,accuracy and distance. Also there is no body armor withstanding a steel jacketed round traveling at 3,800-4,000 fps.capable of penetrating an engine block, or a head shot at 500 yrds. Govt. pawns of the Police state should not be so cocky cause there are a lot vets out there ,who are not happy with totalitarian attitudes and actions of the present govt.

  15. Hijacking the situation to build a hypothetical argument that things would have been better with more restrictive gun control is offensive, maybe he would have climbed a bell tower with a high powered rifle of driven a car bomb into the front of the building at closing time. The hypothetical works both ways, it could have been equally worse with more restrictive gun control. Worse still, it detracts from the actual problem, that this person wanted to, suicidally, kill as many people as possible for their sexual orientation and believed he was going to be rewarded for all eternity for his deeds.

  16. PEOPLE! He didn’t ban ALL guns, just automatic assault rifles! The ONLY ones who need those should be the military. If you want to use assault rifles, then join the military!

    • Man you are seriously retarded. Automatic guns have been banned for years for the public. You have to be a cop or a military person to own an automatic weapon unless you have a ffl dealers license or you have 20to a 100 k for a gun because the only automatic weapons available for the public to buy even with all that red tape have to have been made before 1986.

  17. What Obama is doing is illegal. This needs to be challenged in court. Obama cannot sign away the second amendment rights of the people with executive orders! Americans need to be rising up against this tyrannical monster! Paul Ryan needs to grow a backbone and speak out against this. This must go through Congress. You cannot destroy the Bill of Rights with the stroke of a tyrants pen. This is wrong what Obama and the Democrats are doing! It is time to speak up now!

  18. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. Death to Tyrants !

    • Peter,
      This is exactly why they want to take our guns, so there is no chance we can dethrone them. It is unfortunate that so many Americans believe that guns are the problem and not the lunatics who shoot them. Even worse they think that more laws restricting our rights are the answer, more government will solve all the problems, sad state of affairs. Time to start fresh, we need a new system without the ability to buy votes (welfare corporate or social). The corruption is out of control.


  20. Ionly take issue with the $500 reward and hot line I can see that getting out of control with people using it to get people they don’t like in trouble and the resulting chaos…I think there should also be a fine associated with any false reporting.

  21. The idea that he is encouraging people to turn in other citizens for a cash reward is what the nazis did to the Jewish people. Thoughts?

  22. He didn’t take your guns Donald Snyder! Did you not read the article you ignorant ass! He’s banning assault weapons and making harder for just anyone to purchase one. Apparently though based on your racist rant you slipped through the crack!

  23. that really does not do a thing, crooks and such will still get those and we can’t defend ourselves against them,,,not right

  24. Its about ‘s about DAMN TIME! It took him eight years to get around to taking this essential action, after so many massacres, that I’ve lost count!

  25. I don’t mind excluding those who are unstable from having guns. That’s a smart practice. All gun owners should be evaluated, or provide evidence of a ‘recent’ evaluation. Heck, I believe all people should be evaluated intermittently, and excluded from a lot of things when unstable or pathological (like public office, private business management)… a large percentage of CEOs are crazy, legally speaking.

    I don’t mind excluding those with fairly recent violent criminal histories from having guns, including those under suspicion of violent crime (domestic or otherwise). This is a sensible behavior.

    What bothers me is the fact that the President talks about ‘education’ but then simply puts a time limit on wait periods, and excludes some special cases from being able to own guns… where’s the ‘education’?

    I believe all people who are tested, and proven sane, should be taught to use a gun safely, at a young age… perhaps 12+. Because it’s a big responsibility, and we need to teach our children responsibility, not protect them from it; and because it’s a skill that could save their life in a pinch. I also believe people should be taught: some martial arts; some wilderness survival skills; basic first aid and life guard training; home invasion and terrorist attack, and other general survival skills…

  26. Every time I hear the term “common sense gun laws” I want to stab myself in the ears. There’s nothing common sense about what the Dems want to do. The previous “assault weapons ban” did NOTHING to curb gun violence or save lives. The “feels” aren’t going to change anything. Getting to, and doing something about the “root” problem will. I don’t know how some of you have lived as long as you have. When something happens, who do you call? Oh that’s right, a good guy with a gun… Idiots. Your stupidity is showing.

  27. I love Donald Trump!! I would get gay with him, but just because he wants to make America so great again!!

  28. What happens to the assault rifles that are already owned? What happens to the assault rifles that have aleady been manufactured and in retail shops. What happens to the ones that have finish production and not been distributed?

    Have we been given an accurate description of what an assault rifle is? I would like to see a list of guns that are classified as assault rifles and which ones aren’t.

  29. Wow, sad how the USA has regressed since its proud days 50, 60 years ago. The world used to look up to you. Now there is so much hate and bigotry in your country. Has it been simmering like this for years or is it because of Trump?

  30. Here’s a thought: Where do most Criminal idiots get their Weapons from? More than likely, they will get them from other Criminals, Corrupt and Crooked Police, Sheriffs, and Gov. Employees.


  32. Do the people against the assault gun-Ban believe they are entitled to free health care services when they or their families need to use the hospital emergency room?
    Do these same anti-government groups purchase health care or expect the government and the rest of us, through taxes pay for fixing them after they or their families have been shot or have a need for hospital care services? Do they consider Health care a right? Do they believe tax payers should pay their hospital bills if they are deliberately or accidental shot or need medical care? Maybe they should stop being hypocrites and stop using all government services.

  33. Thank you President Obama for standing your ground and taking action. There is NO reason anyone should be able to get an assault weapon, period! Hopefully this will provide some peace for the families of all those who have lost their loved ones from these horrific acts of violence.

  34. Obama has continued to overreach his powers and authority to make laws. Obama is the WORST president that this nation has ever known. He continues to act in a lawless manner and ignoring the constitution. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. The second amendment was written to give us the power to expel a government that turns tyrannical as this current administration has done., THAT’S why this administration wants to get control of our guns.
    Anyone that thinks that Obama is one of the greatest presidents that we have ever had, needs to look at his time in office and ask yourself are we better off than we were eight years ago? Do we have a secure nation? Are we conducting ourselves in the world affairs in a responsible manner? Are we taking care of our veterans in a humane manner, and with respect? Are we developing jobs for our citizens and graduating students?
    If you answered yes to any of the above, questions then you haven’t really been paying attention to what is really going on in our nation.

  35. The Theory of De-Evolution…….Take away guns, people fight with swords. Take away swords, people fight with knives. Take away knives and people will throw rocks at the people living in the cave next door. It IS NOT the weapon. It IS human nature.

  36. Well, that’s messed up! That’s a horrible move that nobody will end up happy with… a waiting period is fine, but it shouldn’t exceed a week. I don’t mind Obama for the most part, but banning AR’s is pretty twatty.

    Obama, piss off!!!

  37. I see all the terrorists bowing their heads and saying, “Oh, no! Now we can’t get any more bad guns! Guess we will have to stop murdering people and be model citizens… No! Wait! We can just make BOMBS!!! And that will kill even MORE innocent people! IT’S A GOOD DAY IN AMERICA!!!” ……. WAKE UP, PEOPLE !!!

  38. I suppose Obama does not understand that (a) he just signed his own death warrant, (b) he set the stage for the full reversal of all his actions while in office and eliminated the executive order forever, and (c) he just gave us what we wanted: a justification for civil war by the last most desperate act of circumventing the congress and issuing law by decree.

    Trump doesn’t matter. He’s a distraction. The revolution comes. And it will be bloody.

    Curt Doolittle
    The Philosophy of Aristocracy
    The Propertarain Institute
    Kiev, Ukraine.

  39. Obama says he doesn’t want to take away our guns, out of one side of his mouth, but out of the other side of his mouth he says:
    “If things don’t change, and people keep dying as a result of senseless acts of gun violence, I’ll have no choice but to order Homeland Security to hunt down every last assault rifle in this country.”

    This my friends has been the agenda of Obama and his administration all along, but no one wants to see the TRUTH.

    Obama has now claimed war against the American people and threatens to send his minions to take away their weapons. Such a move started the American Revolution. No matter how bloody it may be, I would rather die in such a Revolution than to live as a slave under the evil dictatorship of Obama and his liberal SHEEP.

  40. You idiots who think gun control is going to save your liberal asses from being targets of a mass shooting or even a single shooting!! You people ar so self-absorbed you have no idea what is really going on right under your stupid noses. So go ahead and blame republicans, blame Christians, blame the NRA everyone is at fault but you. Don’t take responsibility! Nevermind that the majority of ALL mass shootings are Left minded individuals. You will rarely if ever find a right winger commit such heinous crimes. Your Muslim friends are Left thinkers btw.Think on that for awhile if you are strong enough to handle it.

  41. Cool your jets, O reactive gun lovers and haters of sanity and brains, try not to kill anything today with your mad spelling skills.

  42. Now if we can just ban Obama’s weapons.

    (By the way, MOST of the following articles are commentaries by LEFT-wing, progressives.)

    “The Bureau of Investigative Journalism in Britain has estimated that, in the first three years after President Obama took office, between 282 and 535 civilians were credibly reported killed by drone strikes — including more than 60 children.”

    “We’re looking right now at a reality that President Obama has essentially extended the very [drone war] policies that many of his supporters once opposed under President Bush,” says Scahill.”

    Obama to boost US Military in Iraq

    Obama Has Bombed Twice as Many Countries as Bush

    To Defend Iran Deal, Obama Boasts that He’s Bombed Seven Countries

    Nearly 90 Percent Of People Killed In Recent Drone Strikes Were Not The Target

    U.S. Dropped 23,144 Bombs on Muslim-Majority Countries in 2015

    U.S. Airstrikes in Afghanistan Are Killing Civilians at Greatest Rate in Seven Years

    Are Obama’s Record Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt and Iraq Fueling Unrest in Middle East?

    “We are joined by William Hartung, who says that even after adjusting for inflation, “the volume of major deals concluded by the Obama administration in its first five years exceeds the amount approved by the Bush administration in its full eight years in office by nearly $30 billion. That also means that the Obama administration has approved more arms sales than any U.S. administration since World War II.”

    US Airstrikes Kill 150 People in Somalia

    Former Drone Operators Say They Were “Horrified” By Cruelty of Assassination Program

    Obama Backs Biggest Nuclear Arms Buildup Since Cold War

  43. I’m finally getting what I’ve been praying for.You low life ignorant pricks who wants gun control now,what you will get is your asses controlled by a socialist government or plainly saying the ones who are crawling on their knees looking for your brains well they aren’t to far away just look up Obamas ass.Ask the German people about gun control,the North Koreans,the Chinese,and the Russians about the millions who were murdered after gun control then gun confiscation.Here is what I’ve been praying for,for years I finally get to see this country of a bunch of arrogant educated idiots that call themselves Americans.You don’t like anything that you don’t agree with so just get up and thank GOD that you are anyone in your family who are anti-gun will one day be in a situation like Orlando and before the radical blows their brains out the radical hollers at them’I bet you wish you had a gun’.Boom.I have guns and ammo not to kill people but I used them for food and protection against the shit that’s been going on.Do I know what I’m doing yes I was taught at 5 years old how to shoot and gun safety and I taught my Sons plus I spent 2 years fighting in Vietnam.This government is our worst enemy and as time goes on and you praise what they are doing we are going to pay a hell of price just wait and see.You can throw your comments at me hey you are this government can’t damage or hurt me anymore than what 2 years in the bush in Vietnam did.No more fear.

  44. Uh he cannot do this. He cannot just deny nor dissolve a God given Constitutionally recognized right. right.
    There no things such as “assault weapons” only weapons used in assaults. So this is total bullshit and he does not have the power to do this at all.
    He does not reside over the people he resides over the GOVERNMENT and the FEDERAL government ONLY.
    Gun violence is lower now than it has been in decades but the asinine LIAR will not tell you that.
    You do realize many states HAVE ALREADY PASSED LAWS PROHIBITING FEDERAL GUN CONTROL and President PUSSY PANTS has limited power.
    Oh and I do not respond to anti American dickheads. Don’t even try.

  45. Donald Snyder is why you need to get automatic weapons out of the hands of psychos. Donald pretty much makes the case. Well done Obama you are the best US president ever.

  46. Given that assault rifles are well, for assaults, I would have retroactively banned them all. Dont’ worry. If these massacres continue, no doubt this will be the very next step, so stop your crying my demented ones.

  47. Here is how I see it an AR 15 was not used in the shooting. The Sig Sauer MCX .223-caliber rifle’s magazine capacity is 30 rounds. The weapon is a semi-automatic rifle, which means each shot requires a separate pull of the trigger. The Sig Sauer MCX rifle takes an AR-15 style magazine .And a Handgun The Glock 17 9mm semi-automatic pistol has a standard magazine capacity of 17 rounds. It is “the most widely used law enforcement pistol worldwide,” according to the manufacturer. Mateen worked as a security guard for years before the shooting. The shootings are sparking debate about whether to revive and update a lapsed assault weapons ban. The 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban, which expired in 2004, applied to 118 models and variations. An assault weapon is different from an assault rifle, which by definition is a military weapon that can either fire continuously or in short bursts with a single pull of the trigger. semi auto requires. One pull of the trigger per shot
    So this new law will do nothing to curb events such as this except the watch list he was, on the man who did this was a law abiding citizen so therefore it would have still happened. There are a few good parts the mental health and stuff expand on what we have now however it absolutely will piss off anyone who feels this is an infringement on 2nd amendment rights. I am a Democrat that feels the constitution is there to protect us from our selves and the government. And laws like this are to be handled on a state to state level not federal. And certainly not by executive order of the the president. Though techniquely what he has done is legal by article 2 of the constitution. It is tantamount to declaring martial law. Automatic or selective fire firearms are rare, expensive and require extensive background checks by the FBI and ATF. The National Firearms Act of 1934 and The Firearms Owners Act of 1986 made ownership of machine guns and other automatic firearms difficult. No law will stop someone dead set on breaking the law or killing someone. Where there is a will there is way. I will wait to see what the next steps are but this is kinda scary to me.

  48. I understand what they are trying to do. I agree that if a person is on the list and can’t fly on a plane they shouldn’t be able to get a gun. But banning AR-15’s or any rifle will do nothing. If you know anything about guns then you know this. I can get a large magazine for any of my hand guns….semi-auto means that you can shoot just as fast as you can pull the trigger. Note that with every shooting the person also has a hand gun. You take away the rifle they still have a gun. Most people who own guns responsibly can shoot just as much and hit a target just as well with any semi-auto weapon. Add a waiting period, add a tax, take away assault rifles, these things will still happen. They banned full-auto weapons long ago, the criminals still get them and still kill. If they want to change the laws that’s fine, but that is why we have a congress for. Yes we have a problem, yes the culture is getting worse. But maybe no one ever read the paper that says “We The People” he can’t just change that. It must be voted on. A lot of things are misread or taken in the wrong context. Oh and for the part “The order requires prospective gun buyers to undergo a psychological evaluation.” who is going to be the one doing the evaluation? The one who says that he’s insane so he’s not guilty, maybe the one who decides that because you use the wrong word or took it in a way different that it was meant then the person is a danger. Half the people in the military would be considered a problem but because they are in another country it’s ok. Anyone can kill and anything can be used to kill. I hate to say this because it sounds so cold, what happened was wrong and should not have happened, but look at the numbers for death on any given day for any number of causes then look at gun deaths. The bigger picture needs to be seen and all things considered. These days people are to focused on what one person is doing or what the news jams down their throat. I don’t care your color or beliefs we all bleed red, we’re all stuck on this rock and we all have some form of hate. If you really think that stopping the sale of a type of gun is going to stop anything than you are not as educated as you think. This was sad but one person making the choice for all people, he is not a king, a god or any other all mighty power. That is why we have a system…..if this is the new laws of the land then the people charged with protecting him and this country should not have these items either. If the people can’t defend themselves with the same thing that the government uses that how does one protect themselves from said government if it choses to turn on the people. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a gun toting nut who thinks the government is out to get us. But part of what makes us such a powerful country is the fact that we can defend it to the last person on our own shore because we have to right to own weapons.

  49. No massacres in Australia for 20 years since the Conservative government banned assault weapons. There were no such weapons when the second amendment was written. Obama could be remembered as one of the great Presidents ever.

  50. I do not agree with Obama on this. The second Amendment should not be messed with at al. And I happen to be a Trump supporter, I am not a racist. However calling the president a faggot, and the n word is completely wrong and shameful. It is people like that, who still use words like that in a derogatory way towards any one is completely unacceptable and disgusting. Make American Great Again not Make America Hate Again

  51. “Executive Order” Read TYRANNY!!!!!! We have treasonous, terrorist enabling dictator in office who has turned the entire government into a criminal enterprise.

    Article: America Doesn’t Have a Gun Problem. It Has a Democrat Problem by Daniel Greenfield.

    Facts on firearms in the USA. What country leads the world in murders per capita?

    This is the BEST and smartest gun argument I have heard yet

    Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks and Cronies by Michelle Malkin.

    SUMMING UP THIS ADMINISTRATION: A congressman tells it like it is. Congressman Jim Bridenstine-Oklahoma.
    No other Administration in American history has manufactured so many crises and committed so many impeachable crimes as the current one. The number of governmental wrongdoings and pervasiveness of political scandal are as unprecedented as they are unrivaled.

    No other US President has acted in such an autocratic manner, and with such impunity. President Obama’s ongoing dictatorial conduct has become so consistent that many refer to him as king, and the first monarch of the USA. To those who have watched him systematically trash the Constitution, tyrant and despot are the more common descriptions.

    READ! The Danger of the “Black Lives Matter” Movement by Heather MacDonald. (Imprimis)

    The Real Agenda Behind Black Lives Matter by Gerald Flurry.

    Do Cops Lives Matter? Watch Ami Horowitz Find Out!

    The Most Shameful Injustice: In this first video in the new FIREWALL series, host Bill Whittle shows what four, five, six, seven or more decades of Death by Democrats has done to our nation’s cities. I encourage people, if humanly possible, to watch the first twenty minutes of the movie Lean on Me before watching this video. (Not the You Tube version) You’ll get it after watch them.

    The New Shame of the Cities by John Perazzo (booklet)

  52. If you’re too busy to read anything, at least watch this video. HANNITY ON DHS WHISTLEBLOWER REVELATIONS: ‘THIS IS UNCONSCIONABLE’ Obama admin deleted critical information that may have prevented 2 Muslim terror attacks.

    She’s ‘no longer here’: The Orlando shooter reportedly gave his wife access to his bank account before the attack by Natasha Bertrand—Business Insider.
    Jihad Watch: She knew about his plans to commit jihad mass murder and did not alert authorities. He called her during the attack and, while he was in the act of murdering Infidels, told him she loved him. She should have been arrested immediately. Now she has fled. Her Taliban-supporting father-in-law almost certainly knows where she is, and should be investigated, if not arrested as well.

    Obama and the Moderate Muslims by Caroline Glick.

    Fighting Islamist Terror after Orlando by Gregg Roman.

    Is an Islamic Radical Advising This Top National Security Agency by Peter Hasson.

    Syrian Immigrant Who Said 9/11 Changed the World for Good is a Homeland Security Adviser by Peter Hasson.

    FBI Never Even Bothered to Visit Gun Store After Owner Reported Suspicious Behavior by Orlando Jihadi by Robert Spencer.

    Gun Shop Owner Says He Reported Omar Mateen Before Orlando Jihad Massacre by Robert Spencer.

    DHS Whistleblower Philip Haney: Islamist ‘Self-Radicalization’ Is a ‘Surreal’ Myth by John Hayward.

    Hamas-Linked CAIR Lawyer Sits in as Feds Question Member of Orlando Jihad Mass Murderer’s Mosque by Robert Spencer.

    Muslim who said 9/11 “changed the world for good” is on Homeland Security Advisory Council by Peter Hasson The Daily Caller via:
    How by any stretch of anyone’s imagination can Laila Alawa be seen as someone who cares in the slightest degree about “homeland security”? She is quite obviously on the other side, and if we had a sane political and media culture, her presence on the DHS Advisory Council would be a major scandal.

    Orlando Mosque Tied to Case Hillary’s State Dept Scrubbed by WND

    Hama Abedin, Daughter of Jihad: Roger Stone says it’s time to focus on the Hillary Clinton aide whose family has ties to Osama bin Laden (and terrorist organizations) by Matthew Vadum.

    Muslim Privilege Killed 49 People in Orlando: Islamophobia kills….non-Muslims by Daniel Greenfield.

    A Tale of Two Terrorists: The deadly lesson not learned by Lloyd Billingsley.

    Obama Invites Top Communist Military -Intelligence Officials to Inspect U.S. Defense Facilities: Opening up vital national security information to narco-terrorists by Humberto Fontova. (Absolutely Jaw Dropping)

    Obama ‘Engagement’ Policy ‘Enabled Boston, San Bernardino Attacks’
    Administration courts terrorist front groups despite its own evidence
    Get Philip Haney’s “See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad”.

    DHS ordered me to scrub records of Muslims with terror ties by Philip Haney

    DHS Agent: Obama Erased My Intel, Then Scolded Me
    President infuriating, demoralizing frontline officers

    Whistleblower reveals how Obama facilitated San Bernardino jihadist attack — on The Glazov Gang: This special edition of The Glazov Gang was joined by Philip Haney, a former homeland security officer. He reveals How the Obama Administration Facilitated the San Bernardino Jihadist Attack, sharing how his DHS program would most likely have prevented the California massacre — if Obama’s “Civil Rights” enforcers hadn’t shut it down.

    Administration Nixed Probe Into Southern California Jihadists by Phillip Haney.

    Baffling ‘odd’ Gaps in California Terror Attack by Leo Hohmann (FrontPage Mag.)

  53. EVERYONE POST THIS HORSE SHIT! IT IS EXTREMELY IRRESPONSIBLE of Obama, that Fng ASS Hole – R H. Henkle US Army Retired, Overseas.

  54. The hateful comments are appalling. Seems like we have forgotten how to have a civil debate without hostility, name calling, and threats. Makes me sick.

  55. The saying that ‘those who do not pay attention to history are doomed to repeat it’ is one that I think the American people need to start paying attention to. This, to me goes a little bit bigger than just banning the sale of assault weapons. Let us not forget that one of the precursors to the Holocaust was when the SS Forces were sent door to door to confiscate the common citizen’s weapons. Although an extreme example, one can also look at the crime rate statistics of those countries like Australia and Canada that banned the common citizen from owning weapons. Their rate of crimes such as car jacking, home invasion, and rape sky rocketed, right along side home security systems and window and door security bar instillation’s. One has to ask, “What do we as a people lose when we willing give over our ability to protect ourselves?” It doesn’t make any sense to me to willing give over my own personal sense of freedom and turn myself into a prisoner in my own home by giving away any first line of defense I may have when the criminals still have the knowledge and means to not only obtain but use those same type of weapons against me. It would be a whole different scenario if the playing field was level and there was no black market weapons that criminals could obtain, but that is not the case. Keep in mind that while we as the American people have Executive Orders restricting our ability to buy certain weapons the police and other branches of law enforcement are completely exempt from that same restriction placed upon us, the common citizen. That in it’s self is alarming when one considers how many brutal shootings, beating, and deaths have occurred by overzealous Police officers this year alone. My concern, as an American citizen is how our branches of government and the Constitution are be circumnavigated by Executive Orders. President Obama has issued and signed more Executive Orders than his six previous predecessors in the White House, that’s 1,086 pages of new laws, rules, and regulations that directly effect the American people, all before this new one. To me, that is highly alarming. Factor in quotes like the one given by Obama’s US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski: “Major world powers, new and old, also face a novel reality: While the lethality of their military might be greater than ever, their capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historic low. To put it bluntly: in earlier times, it was easier to control one million people than to physically kill one million people; today, it is infinitely easier to kill one million people than to control one million people.” The question here is, what part of the one million people did the Jewish people think they fell into?? Again, it may seem an extreme example, but let’s please not forget that our own President Obama not only vouched personally for Zbigniew Brzezinski but placed him in the esteemed position of US National Security Advisor. With every Executive Order that’s signed our freedoms as a people are greatly restricted and reduced. I, like most every American out there, would like to think that I am an awakened political American, but by Obama’s Executive Order, by his backing of Brzezinski and Brzezinski’s own comments I now have to ask myself this question: Is it that they are trying to control the ‘politically awakened masses’? or when that control doesn’t work find a much easier way to ‘kill the politically awakened masses’? Once again, extreme… maybe. The Assault Weapons are a start…but let me ask everyone this: How long do you think it will take until they start banning handguns??

  56. That’s cool because we don’t buy any. They are called AR-‘s because what they are made of Dumb Ass ARMORLITE

  57. Said the hapless barbarian as he welcomed more hapless barbarians into the country while disarming the populace of their God-given right to defend themselves. This will not stand! Executive orders are not laws, and we refuse to comply with them.

  58. As soon as a law enforcement agency or government phone answers YOUR call, THEY know where the call came from. Anonymous protection? GET REAL. WHY do the PEOPLE of this country OR OUR REPRESENTATIVES ALLOW OBAMA to create LAW!! WHERE IS OUR CONSTITUTION?

  59. Ladies and gentlemen I wish to commend you for your ignorance and allowing that fool to play you. There are atleast 2 confirmed calls to the FBI by a gun store owner whom the shooter had went to try and purchase body armor and bulk ammo, and by a muslim man who saw what was happening. The reason why the shooting actually happened is due to Obama smothering the FBI from acting on such calls, members of the FBI even called out blowing the secret out of the water, if you actually were to listen to someone who isn’t happy to spoon feed you bullshit. Obama let it happen, he used this as an excuse to legitimize his gun grab. That is if this article is actually real, but still Congress and the Senate will be on the defensive with this one as it directly infringes on the 2nd amendment right, since the AR-15 is the equivalent to the muskets used by colonist during the olden day. Believe me when I say this an AR-15 is not a military rifle, a real military assault rifle fires in 3-round burst or fully automatic, which unless you have a license and some expensive machinery you can not achieve with an AR-15. Why am I bringing this up? The reason is simple the AR (which actually stands for Armalite, the original creators) is designated as an assault rifle despite it not having the same actual capacity as an M-4 or M-16 which are the actual military versions. The only thing I could possibly agree with, in this insanity is pushing the waiting period and that is it.

  60. This might be a good time to remind everyone that Executive Orders only have authority over the Executive Branch. So unless you are an employee or officer of the Executive Branch of the federal government, this law has no jurisdiction over you.

    Sign away Obama.

  61. To start with, Mateen may have not had contact with anyone overseas as far as ISIS is concerned, but he did have contact with a masque that has ties to ISIS. We have no more deaths than other Countries with complete gun control and States with gun control Like Washington. has more deaths with stricter gun control. It is all lies to unarm Americans so muslims can have an easier take over. I hope Obama is sued over this.

  62. The rifles of the many good Americans here keep you safer on a bigger scale than I’m sure any of you can comprehend.

  63. I guess Obama thought protecting the constitution was just a suggestion.

    I doubt he plans on leaving officer at all.

  64. Dear Leader Messiah knows best. I hope he bans oxygen for the good of the glorious people’s collective!