Donald Trump Tweets Image Of His Penis – WARNING: Graphic Content

Donald Trump Tweets Image Of His Penis – WARNING: Graphic Content


Donald Trump has broken all kinds of norms during his presidential campaign, but he just went to a whole new level this morning by tweeting what is supposedly an image of his private-parts. The tweet was quickly deleted but not before being retweeted over 5,000 times.

The tweet comes in response to comments made by Marco Rubio and others about the size of Donald Trump’s hands.

“Look at those hands, are they small hands?” Trump told the audience at his rally in Detroit back in March. “And he [Rubio] referred to my hands, ‘if they’re small something else must be small.’ I guarantee you there’s no problem, I guarantee it.”

Donald Trump's penis size
A screenshot of Donald Trump’s tweet captured by ABC News just minutes before it was deleted.

“He’s always calling me Little Marco. And I’ll admit he’s taller than me,” Rubio told ABC News. “He’s like 6’2, which is why I don’t understand why his hands are the size of someone who is 5’2,” Rubio said in Virginia on Sunday. “And you know what they say about men with small hands? You can’t trust them.”

The New York billionaire has heard similar comments about his hands or, more precisely, his fingers, for years.

As Vanity Fair’s Graydon Carter recalled online last year: “Just to drive him a little bit crazy, I took to referring to him as a ‘short-fingered vulgarian’ in the pages of Spy magazine. That was more than a quarter of a century ago.”

Sarah Bradley, a spokeswoman for Sock It Forward, a group that provides the homeless and those less fortunate with brand new socks told ABC News that she isn’t surprised by Trump’s actions.

“Donald Trump is an ego-maniac, racist, bigot, who brings out the worst in the worst people,” Bradley said. “We get donations from poor people, the middle class and the upper class all the time. Since Donald Trump is the least charitable billionaire in the entire world, we expect no donations from that dick pic tweeting pervert anytime soon.”

David Mikkelson, founder of, a website known for its biased opinions and inaccurate information they write about stories on the internet in order to generate advertising revenue, told ABC News that he approves of what a story like this is accomplishing.

“You have to understand that when a story like this goes viral, and we spend a minute or two debunking it, we make lots of money. Stories like this have helped put my children through college, buy a new car, a home and even get the Silverback gorilla my wife Barbara always wanted since she was a child,” Mikkleson said. “We claim ‘to provide evidence for such debunkings and confirmation as well‘, but that’s just ridiculous. Do you know how much time that would take? Instead, we just copy and paste parts of the original article into ours, write a couple sentences, and that’s it. I just want to be clear, our website does zero journalism or anything creative, and I’m only telling you this for legal reasons. For example, do you remember that recent article we wrote debunking a story which claimed Scientology lost its tax-exempt status? Did you actually read our story? Who is the name of the person responsible for the hoax? What is the actual website URL? We claim to know it, but no real information is posted by us.” Mikkelson continues, “It is common for us to rewrite a story we’re debunking if we don’t like it. In one recent story of ours, we actually removed a person’s name from the original article and then called him a liar, oh the hypocrisy, but it is so funny at the same time! We also like to post fake, un-funny, juvenile disclaimers supposedly from the site in question and it is our authors, such as Jeff Zarronandia who are responsible for those gems. We tell our readers that the disclaimer is from the story we are debunking, but a simple google search that locates the actual article will show that our disclaimer is 100% fabricated. Sometimes I think that someone should start a company that debunks our debunkings, they could probably make a lot of money,” Mikkelson laughs. “And lots of people complain about our authors attacking websites and their owners for reasons that are 100% proven false, but since we block it just becomes their word versus ours. Plus, I know for our writers like Kim LaCapria, it is way more fun for them to cause controversy than report the facts; it results in more visitors. Kim LaCapria and Jeff Zarronandia go as far as accusing the site that the story originated from as ‘a clickbait fake news site that infringes the trademark-protected visual elements and domain names of legitimate news outlets in order to generate traffic and drive advertising revenues by creating and spreading entirely false “news” stories‘. The thing that is troubling about these claims and what Snopes and our authors are known for. We don’t list ONE factual piece of evidence to back up our claims; It’s just more of our hack, unethical journalism, and I only tell you this for legal reasons. I think it is business as usual for us to accuse the story we are debunking of spreading malware and viruses, but we never say what website it actually is. I think warning people about a site that could potentially destroy their computer is probably a good idea, and I hope one day to do that kind of ethical journalism, but people will click our ads regardless, bottom line; so why do the extra work? To be honest, I’d say in a given week I probably only do about fifteen minutes of real, actual, work.”

ABC News reached out to Trump’s campaign for comment about the x-rated tweet and at the time of this press release did not receive a response.


  1. I actually happened to see his tweet before he deleted it and as a 54 year old woman who has been married to 3 different men I can tell you for a fact that Mr. Trump has just a fine penis. There’s nothing wrong with it what so ever! Marco Rubio is just trying to start trouble!

    • Lady, It’s not about starting trouble. It’s not normal for anyone, let alone Presidential candidates, to tweet their private parts. What kind of pervert does that?!

      • Vivian, I hope during the course of these 3 months you have figured out that masturbation is 100% necessary and without it, I would not be who I am today. Who am I today? Not sure, but I sure like to self-rape and get my dildo on, no wut I sayin’?

    • Is THAT what you pick your presidential candidate on? The size of his dick??? What the HELL is wrong with you?

    • THAT’S your takeaway from this? that his penis is okay? Not the fact that he is a presidential candidate who posted his penis online?
      ….or that he is single-handedly making fools of this country?

      Jesus Christ….

      • You are right when you say this campaign has reached a new low!!!!! Tell me no one will talk about this??? when they hung and pilloried Weiner costing him the NYC mayoralty?

    • “has just a fine penis. ”
      You are a riot lol but seriously, please dont take this child seriously! This kind of behaviour is not acceptable for an adult.

    • Nancy Henderson, you are just as ignorantly stupid and sick minded as Trump is. The fact that you admit to being a three time loser (and those are only the ones you admit to being married to) says a lot about personally, and about you cult following Trumpateers and your demigod Trump. As a Republican voter of over 33 years, I can only hope that this will be the last nail in the coffin of the puketard Trump. You need to take the pictures of Trump off of your ceiling and put your old scab encrusted vibrator back in your nightstand. (And BTW, I don’t believe for a second that you actually saw the Tweet by your perverted leader. Ingrate.)

  2. Hey ABC News….take a little responsibility for promoting that POS…. compare airtime you’ve given him to the other candidates…..If Hitler was running would you be cheer leading for him if he made news worthy events?

  3. People are always wanting to see a presidential candidates tax returns or in recent years even their birth certificates.
    I find this to be very new and refreshing because you never get to see a candidates dick.
    Quite frankly I’m impressed.
    No homo.

  4. I find it entertaining (and sad) that most of Trump’s supporters are one or two paychecks away from being homeless, and they vote for a guy who only cares about making the rich, richer

  5. Being white is lot more than just the color of your skin.
    For me Donalds penis would be a symbol of freedom and what America should be about.
    Little Marco and Lyin Ted just don’t have what it takes to get my vote.

    • Right? I mean its not illegal to tweet nudes. People do it every day. He’s not even cheating on his wife.” I’m sure he told her exactly what he was gonna do and why” so what’s the big deal? Yeah he’s running for president. And yes maybe he should be held to a higher standard. But still. Its not agents the law and yes not being unfaithful to his wife. Its not like he’s sending dick picks to women trying to get some action behind his wife’s back. I think its funny! He’s basically saying,”here’s my dick punk now talk some more shit you little bitch!” Lmao! Go trump it think this makes him even more awesome!

  6. Trump needs to be on medication. He is getting out of control having no filter; very much like an individual who might be suffering from a mental illness such as bipolar/manic symptoms. I hope some one helps him before he really decompensates in public. He should not be on TV spewing his angry, hateful rhetoric, related to his grandiose personality and illness.

  7. This behavior is so inappropriate, crude and poor judgement. How would he handle important political issues if he can’t handle Ribios statement in a diplomatic way? Bad enough this was even discussed- but to tweet?? Clearly this man has no right to run for President. If elected will only run this country into the ground.

    Wake up America- do you really want someone with very little moral fiber to run this country???